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The kitchen world: the 4 systems

Today we talk about cooking and above all the four systems that characterize it:
refrigeration, washing, cooking and suction.

This year, at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Samsung presented a new model of the fridge, the FAMILY HUB. It cannot be defined as a "refrigerator": it is a revolutionary system at the service of those who use and live the kitchen. Not only does it allow refrigeration, but it has all the effects a "robot". It has three internal cameras that allow you to check anywhere and at any time what is inside the fridge, using your smartphone; has an integrated touch screen for managing various functions, you can connect to wifi, TV, weather forecasts and an online supermarket to do your shopping ... These are just some of the possibilities of using Family Hub, watch the video for elaborate on!



Once the kitchens had a dedicated room. Today, for a 360 ° desire for conviviality, kitchens are placed in open living areas, often at the entrance of the house and adjacent to the living room. The need therefore becomes to keep everything tidy with concealed solutions, especially with regard to the sink, which has always been the most chaotic area in the kitchen or when cooking. Let's see together three solutions to hide the sink partially or totally:


1) use of the same material or color of the worktop even for the sink (preferably dark and opaque);



2) positioning of sliding shelves above the sink that can become support surfaces or cutting boards;



3) insertion of sliding worktops that hide the sink and the hob.

Minimal Cucine


As far as the hob systems are concerned, in chronological terms we have seen the classic gas hob with visible elements, gas-ceramic glass, the electric hob and finally the induction hob, the most popular solution today. But the "kitchen of the future" according to Whirpool will be conceived differently: an "interactive cooktop", that is a large fully interactive hob, equipped with a touch screen sensor and connected to the internet, not only to display the recipes online while cooking, but also to listen to music, see the weather forecast, look at the calendar, take notes. The hob is there but cannot be seen, because it is hidden below the top. It is an induction hob in all respects: the pans heat up through an electromagnetic field, a very important aspect because the heat is activated only at the pot. The advantage? Have a work surface where the hob is imperceptible: there are no knobs and protrusions. Everything is secretly hidden and visible only when the appliance is switched on.




The watchword is to remove, but not for everything. Do you remember the previous blog, where we talked about the disappearance of wall units to give space to deeper bases? Here without the wall units, where can you install or hide the hood? The hood does not hide but is enhanced in a single combination between hob and suction. Nikola Tesla One is the first floor with induction suction, produced by the company Elica. Obviously this type of combination is only possible in the induction hob.



For traditional cooks, uncertain about changing the cooking mode, the Miele company has promoted the possibility of combining different types of cooking on the market by placing a hood between one module and another. In the photo below we see the combination of a gas hob, induction hob and plate.